About Us

C&A Furniture has been operating in Phoenix for over 28 years. From one family

to another, the business was sold by Iggy Czerski and his daughter in June 2014 to a

father and son team. Andrew and Jeff Bolstad are now the proud owners of this well

established company.

C&A Furniture seeks to provide customers with quality product at a value that is hard

to beat. While we offer several standard lines of office furniture, we specialize in

customization. If you’re looking for new office furniture, please do not take “no” for an

answer! We’ve found our niche by making things that other companies either shy away

from or charge a premium for. So, before you settle for something standard, please come

to C&A Furniture and see what we can do for you!

We are currently in the process of updating our website, catalog, and price book. If

something seems to be missing from the website, please check back at a later time or,

better yet, give us a call at (602)278-3322.