Nuovo Glass Boards

The days of boring office furniture are long gone, so why do you still have an old laminate white board?  C&A Furniture is proud to introduce….


Why Choose Nuovo Glass Boards?

  • Nuovo Glass Boards will not “ghost,” meaning there will be no streak marks left over after erasing your content from the board.
  • Even permanent marker is easily washed off …so if someone tries to play a mean trick on you…the joke is really on them
  • Nuovo Glass Boards are made with ¼” tempered Starphire glass, which is 4-5 times stronger than regular glass….so you know your glass board will last you a lifetime!
  • Not only are Nuovo Glass Boards cleaner and more durable than standard marker boards, they just simply look better. All edges are polished to perfection to add another dimension of style to your glass board.
  • Nuovo Glass Boards are manufactured in the USA(Phoenix, Arizona to be exact.)

As with all C&A products, you can choose from our standard sizing and color options, which are available here, or you can challenge us with custom sizing and colors.  We can match virtually any color you’d like (just make sure it’s a color you’ll like for a long time…remember the whole “last a lifetime” thing we mentioned earlier?)